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PandaQuote1I’d like to thank you for making the production of my local history book a swift, smooth and stress free task.

Thank you too for the little extras that you put into it after I sent you the raw chapters.

Being able to see it develop through the various stages from cover design to final proof was an experience bettered only by receiving my work of several years in its final printed form.

I hope your business goes from strength to strength. If anyone I know wants their work put into book form I’ll be recommending Panda Creative to them.

Alan Moore

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A History of Redhill, Volume Three

A unique and much anticipated body of work following on from volumes and and two which were published in the 1999 and 2003 respectively. This book traces the history of Redhill from 1926 to 1949 and detail many key events during those periods. With interesting 'snippets' of information at the start of every chapter this is a brilliant read.

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The Butterfly Magazine was recently printed for Bedford Daycare Hospice.

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Complete Kit Car magazine is the #1 kit car title in the UK.

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A History of Redhill, Vol 3. Alan Moore's brilliant third volume, the culmination on nearly a decade of work.

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