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PandaQuote1I wanted to say THANK YOU for producing such a high quality magazine on our behalf. No amount of money could have produced a better magazine for Bedford Daycare Hospice than you and all your team have given us with absolutely no charge to the hospice.

The magazine is something to be very proud of, so much so that it will become one of our major fundraising tools taking us into 2014 when we will be looking to produce our second edition.

Time is something that cannot be bought at any cost and we thank you all for your donations of time in producing this magazine, our very first, The Butterfly Magazine.

Babs Astle
Facilities & Fundraising Manager
Bedford Daycare Hospice

©Panda Creative Ltd 2013


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THE BUTTERFLY MAGAZINE 2013 – Bedford Daycare Hospice

Magazine and book production is second nature to PANDA CREATIVE LTD so when we had the opportunity to work with Manner Media Solutions – www.mannerms.co.uk – on the inaugural fundraising magazine (The Butterfly) for Bedford Daycare Hopice we jumped at the chance.

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The Butterfly Magazine was recently printed for Bedford Daycare Hospice.

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Designed and produced by Panda Creative Ltd every four weeks.

A History of Redhill, Vol 3. Alan Moore's brilliant third volume, the culmination on nearly a decade of work.

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